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Issue Type Fix Version/s Key Component/s Summary Resolution Created Updated Affects Version/s Description
Bug 22.2.0 I4MDA-235  

CLONE - Touch feilmelding på holdeplasskilt

Fixed 2022-02-22 21:20 2022-02-22 21:20   vi får opp alarm på touch feil på flere av våre holdeplasskilt. Ingen av skiltene våre er touch eller har montert et sjåførdisplay til seg så feilmeldingen gir ikke så mye mening. Kan dere fjerne den?

Improvement 21.10.0 I4MDA-234  

Use less disk space for sw (better margin for aic4)

Fixed 2021-09-08 09:36 2021-09-08 09:38   Removed some unused components from sync that are not used in disco. Aic4 using old file system could have too little free space with some traffic data.

Removed from start and disk:
* mediasign2 bundle (old rss/tv4 test)
* fms* bundles
* driver.bib bundle
* datalogger bundle and service
* zonemanager service
* gpspublisher service
* smsmanager service

New Feature 21.8.0 I4MDA-233  

CLONE - Avgangsskjermer: bytte skysslogo

Fixed 2021-06-29 19:38 2021-06-29 19:39   Jeg klarte ikke å se hvor jeg kunne fikse det selv, men vi har fått ny logo som skal erstatte gammel logo på skjermene.

Kan dere hjelpe meg å bytte logo?
New Feature 21.5.1, 21.7.0 I4MDA-232 GUI, TFT Display

Public message (product name for VT) can now be displayed in the forecast column

Fixed 2021-05-26 17:28 2021-05-26 17:29  
New Feature 21.5.0, 21.7.0 I4MDA-231  

Protocol version 12 - Support for public message

Fixed 2021-05-10 17:25 2021-05-10 17:26   Public message is now shown on 2nd row if available
New Feature 21.1.0 I4MDA-230  

Support for line colors from APT/Reference data

Fixed 2021-01-29 01:48 2021-01-29 01:48   It is off by default, need to enable
<xsd:complexType name="GUIConfiguration">
<xsd:attribute default="false" name="useReferenceDataLineColors" type="xsd:boolean" />

And will only use colors if default line color in VAC file has a color specified
New Feature 21.1.0 I4MDA-229 LED Display

Show via destination on LED signs

Fixed 2021-01-26 15:48 2021-01-26 15:52   Can now (optionally) show via destination on LED signs. Via destination will alternate with destination if they do not fit together on the destination field of the row.
New Feature 20.14.0 I4MDA-227 LED Display

Occupancy on LED displays

Fixed 2020-11-30 14:46 2021-01-29 13:34   Ability to display occupancy on LED displays. Uses three pictograms to reflect occupancy level onboard.
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